Gooseberry Mesa is a great place for slick rock mountain biking just south of Zion National Park in Southern Utah. It is a great place to mountain bike in this beautiful area since biking on most paths in the national park is prohibited. For more information about buying or renting equipment for exploring the mesa, visit the Zion Rock and Mountain Guides outfitting shop.

While slick rock may conjure concerns about difficulty, the mesa is great for beginning and intermediate riders as it offers a 10 mile roundtrip path. A ride on the mesa does not have to be exhaustive since the trail is flat, but depending upon the speed that a rider cycles, it can make for a great workout. However, many people enjoy a ride slow enough to enjoy the majestic red scenery.

Despite this, expert riders searching for a biking thrill will also enjoy riding on the Gooseberry Mesa. Some of the terrain lends itself well to stunts that require skill and a sense of adventure. Perhaps this is what makes this a great route. An entire family or group of friends, despite their experience and skill level, can enjoy this biking on the mesa.

The area’s dramatic scenery is accented by the large rock monuments that attract millions of people a year to Zion and a variety of trees including junipers, pinions, ponderosa pines, and manzanitas. The Virgin River, which is mainly responsible for carving out Zion Canyon, continues to work in the area by creating wondrous rock formation and escarpments full of wonder. Riders typically are distracted by the scenery, but this is a good distraction.

Our staff knows Gooseberry Mesa well and can easily provide with the information that you need to have a great time riding on slick rock. Beyond riding on the mesa we provide equipment, information, and guided tours throughout the Zion National Park region. Check out what else Zion Rock and Mountain Guides has to offer.